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Planning to buy wooden furniture – here are few tips!


Wooden Furniture is an all-time favorite and is never out of trend. There are a lot of showrooms and dealers offering lots of exquisite designs and models. But as a buyer you have to be aware of the types of wood used, the composites, the veneers, laminations and the construction techniques used for manufacturing the furniture that you decide to purchase. So let us take a look at all these 5 factors that the buyer has to be aware of.


Type of Wood:


Woods are typically classified as Hardwoods and softwoods and there are quite a lot of options to choose from under both the category. Hardwoods are comparatively expensive than soft types but last really long.  Also the number of color options is huge and can be customized as per customer’s desire. Less expensive and more available are the softwoods and these are preferred for less expensive living room furniture uk. Below are the most commonly used wood types.







      White Pine


      Yellow Pine


















Composites are nothing but manufactured or engineered wood products. These composites are used to make shelves and other additions to the furniture to enhance their design and style. Plywood is usually made by attaching several layers of thin wooden sheets and is available in colours varying from white to brown. Whereas particleboard is made up of sawdust that is made form the wooden dust collected during the process of sawing, small chips of wood, which is later, fixed together with glue and treated under pressure. The particleboard has a few drawbacks and hence hardboards were created.




Veneers are basically a very thin silver lining of wood applied over the normal wood base or on plywood. Veneers are used to add the look of the furniture by enhancing its grain lines and by giving it its desired patterns. Most of the times fine quality wood veneers are coated over cheaper quality wood to give it a more rich and elegant look.So it is important to inquire about the base material of the furniture while going in for a veneer furniture types.




Laminations are usually given to make the furniture more durable, smooth and soft texture making it easy to clean and maintain. Laminates are used on both soft wood types and also hard wood types to give extra strength to furniture.


Laminates are usually made from particleboards and fiberboard. Comparatively fiberboard laminates are more stable and are of a higher quality then particleboard laminates. So while going for laminate furniture, check the quality of the boards used for laminations and then choose your pick.


Construction Techniques:


Construction technique is the process of assembling and this ultimately determines the quality and durability of the furniture. There are many aspects to be noted that will help you find out if your furniture is really constructed properly. The Joints should be fixed properly and should be stable and strong enough to hold weight. Blocks of wood that helps them to manage pressure should support the legs of the chairs and tables. Modern day fancy type of furniture comes with triangular wood pieces as a support to sofas and chairs and these are fastened to the furniture through screws or bolts.


It is better to avoid such furniture because their durability is very poor and they do not last long like properly fitted wooden furniture. If you have made up your mind to purchase wooden furniture for your dream home, first equip yourself with necessary knowledge and facts about them.Inquire the dealer and make yourself satisfied that the furniture you are going to purchase is a real worth to your money and is going to be an once in a life time investment.



Always remember that mere looks are not enough to judge any product. So go in depth and collect details about all the above aspects discussed.

This is often used in furniture, which are subject to constant use and exposure to safeguard the finish and look of the original furniture.

Speaking about composites, there are two types of composites namely plywood and particleboard.


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