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With a thorough understanding about the changing needs of the customer and the expected quality and designs, we are always at the top in terms of customer satisfaction and quality products. We have a strong customer support team who accompany the customer and provide them with all explanations regarding any doubts or queries that might arise in the minds of the customers. A customer might have many queries regarding the material of the wood, its composition, composite, laminations, veneer and even their construction techniques; we have satisfactory answers to all their possible questions.


We have a separate section to actually guide the customers about the best range of wooden products that would aid in the enhancement of the look of their location while delivering the basic purpose of purchase as well. We have qualified interior decorators to help you lighten up the interiors of your house by proper placement of the furniture and help you get the maximum out of your furniture.


The antique collection section is dedicated to customers who have an immense love of antique wood products. Though on an expensive scale, the intricate working and the craftsmanship of the products will leave you mesmerized and you will definitely not worry about the money you are going to spend on these timeless masterpieces.


We follow a corporate culture in our showrooms and the ambience and the customer care you are going to experience at our showroom is sure to delight you. With lots and lots of latest technologies and innovative designs on the show, you are sure to go dumbfounded as to what to pick and what not to. And we also have specially designed software to let you actually understand the technical specifications and the functioning of the furniture.


We also offer our customer free maintenance of their furniture for 1 year from the date of purchase in support of our main value of customer satisfaction both during sales and post sales.



Always remember that mere looks are not enough to judge any product. So go in depth and collect details about all the above aspects discussed.

This is often used in furniture, which are subject to constant use and exposure to safeguard the finish and look of the original furniture.

Speaking about composites, there are two types of composites namely plywood and particleboard.


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