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News from this newspaper (Liu Chang/Compilation) Recently, the 622th Japan Football Lottery, which is currently on sale nationwide, has been accumulating because there has not been a grand prize before, and the prize pool has been accumulated. This time the first prize of thelotto america nd lottery will update the historical record, reaching the highest in the history of Japanese lottery The grand prize of 1 billion yen.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) recently announced that due to “technical reasons”, the plan to launch the geostationary satellite GISAT-1 by a GSLV-F10 rocket at the Sadish Dhawan Space Center on March 5 has been put off. ISRO said that the new launch date of the GISAT-1 satellite will be announced in due course.

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A teenager who won big on the National Lottery in March cannot spend it. Kyle Burke from Stoke-On-Trent bought a £2 ticket for the Set For Life game at his local shop on 19th March. He won the second tier prize (£20k every month for a year) and prepared to make his big claim. But days later on the 23rd, the Prime Minister announced the lockdown. This wasn’t problematic as Camelot honoured the win, sending Kyle his £20,000 digital cheque. They also promised to send a real one once the ban is lifted. But that was not young Kyle’s first thought.

When she saw on TV that the winning number was exactly the same as the lottery ticket in her hand, she called one of the children. The two laughed until 3 am, and the other children and her sister were notified the next day.

Followingtheincident,USPresidentJoeBidenorderedthenationalflagtobeflownhlotto america ndalf-staffattheWhiteHouseandallfederalbuildings.Bidenalsoissuedaproclamationinthehonourofthedeceased.

A senior official of the Indian government revealed that India intends to legislate to ban cryptocurrencies, and anyone trading or even holding similar digital assets in India will be punished.

The last 3 digits of more than 6 matches are combined (subtract 6 from the 18 digits of the last 3 digits). Odd/even 8-12. High/low 8-12. The same number is no longer more than 6. The sum of 3 of the same number root does not exceed 3, and the same 7 numbers are subtracted from 11 numbers.

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